Stage Events

We are proud to offer, up to date full stage equipment for your concert, show or conference events.
We can offer you excellent sound & lighting system, front & rear projection and remote access.
The stage can also extend giving you front of tabs options.
We have 3 dressing rooms and a small warm up room behind the stage – all linked for sound
The stage also has 2 rear exits and 2 options front of tabs

The main hall has a large stage with a proscenium arch. Dressing rooms are adjacent to the stage, and the stage door is convenient for delivery of equipment and props without entering the hall. The hall has been acoustically treated to provide a suitable reverberation time and does not suffer from unpleasant echoes. The seating has been selected for comfort and can be linked, complying with safety regulations.

The capacity of the hall is 144 seated on the main floor. The gallery is wired to the stage for full audio, video projection and lighting control. The main lighting in the hall can be dimmed and a complete Loop system is installed and linked directly into the audio sound system.